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Automated production line for sheet metal stamping

This series of hydraulic presses is a commonly used hydraulic press in industries such as automotive and metallurgy, and is also suitable for stamping processes such as stretching, forming, and blanking of other metal materials and the pressing of non-met

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Performance Features:

Fast speed and high efficiency—— The average stamping speed (SPM) of the fast production line is 6-9 pieces/min (stretching ≤ 100mm), while the average stamping speed (SPM) of the medium speed production line is 4-6 pieces/min (stretching ≤ 100mm)
Low cost, good quality, and high degree of automation
The production line is a "turnkey project", which includes design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, installation, debugging, training, acceptance, accompanying production, technical data, spare parts, after-sales service, and other work
● The production line can meet the needs of the production of the first mock examination with two cavities, the first mock examination with three cavities, and the first mock examination with four cavities
High intelligence and low failure rate—— The device adopts intelligent programs, anti fooling program control, high intelligence, low failure rate, and other characteristics
● Energy conservation and environmental protection—— Adopting automatic logic control and servo motor pump system, the installed power is reduced, and the equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly
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