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KLS-A high-speed series frame hydraulic press

This series of high-speed hydraulic presses adopts advanced hydraulic and electrical design technology for production and manufacturing

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Adopting European design, the workbench top is made of high-strength thickened plates, with high rigidity and long service life
High equipment guidance accuracy, protecting the mold
Equipped with a fully automatic full tonnage buffering system, it does not offset the cutting force, achieving true full tonnage cutting and blanking
Servo zero pressure micro motion mold alignment function, facilitating accurate mold alignment and repair
Quick descent servo deceleration system, no impact, protects the mold
CNC partition pressurization control, fully automatic multi-level pressurization, faster working speed, reduced installed power, energy-saving and environmentally friendly
PLC touch screen control, press machine parameters can be stored and called
Optional CNC hydraulic pad, pressure closed-loop control, full stroke graded pressure curve control
The press can be equipped with a remote control system to achieve remote monitoring and control of the press
Optional reserved interfaces integrate workshop motion control system and robot fully automatic production line control system.
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