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KLS-D/YS32-D frame/four column forging hydraulic press

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Adopting a high rigidity design, the workbench top is made of high-strength thickened plates, with high rigidity, high accuracy, and long service life
The equipment slider has high verticality and parallelism with the workbench, high guidance accuracy, and strong resistance to eccentric loads
Quick descent servo deceleration system, no impact
PLC, touch screen control, and press parameters can be stored and called
This machine is mainly used for free forging and die forging processes
The working pressure and stroke of the machine can be adjusted within the specified parameter range according to process requirements
The machine has an independent power mechanism and electrical system, which can achieve manual, semi-automatic, automatic and other operating modes
The machine is sensitive and simple to operate, with low noise, stable pressure, and features fast down and back travel, which can meet the needs of different production processes
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Keywords: Automated automotive sheet metal production line | KLS-A high-speed series frame hydraulic press | KLS-B fast series frame hydraulic press

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