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The company was founded in 1998.

Qingdao Three-dimensional Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd. (Qingdao Three-dimensional Hydraulic Machine Tool Co., Ltd.) is a joint-stock enterprise specialized in the research and promotion of hydraulic technology products and the development of hydraulic machinery. The company was founded in 1998. Since its establishment, it has positioned its products on high-end and technologically advanced hydraulic machinery products. Since 2001, the company has cooperated with European partner. Since then, the technical support has been provided by the technical engineers of European famous hydraulic machinery manufacturers. The company mainly produces and manufactures large and medium-sized sheet metal drawing and blanking hydraulic machines, which are characterized by good rigidity, high precision, fast speed, high efficiency and good leakage stopping. The products are widely used in automobile industry, electric vehicle industry, home appliance industry, high-speed train, aircraft manufacturing, forging machinery, powder metallurgy, ceramics, SMC, rubber machinery, woodworking machinery and other industries.